Joseph Vessecchia Video

How to Deal with Competition

Competition exists in every industry, with companies trying to win new business and generate more sales. But successful companies don’t shy away from competition, they embrace it.

Business to Business Sales

If the term B2B sales keeps popping up but you aren’t sure what it exactly means, you’re in luck. Joseph Vessecchia is here to explain what B2B sales are and to give an insider’s view of the industry.

Top Qualities of A Salesperson

Salespeople don’t just work in sales jobs; they are scattered across hundreds of industries—many that don’t even require selling.

Re-Engaging Old Sales Leads

Just because you don’t get the sale on the first try, doesn’t mean the sale is over. Re-engaging old sales leads is an important part of working in sales.

Cold Calling 101: Tips & Tricks

Cold calling doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience- it can be a great technique for obtaining sales in any industry.

How to Start a Career in Sales

A career in sales is a great option for those passionate about connecting with others, networking, and learning about a variety of industries, products, and services.