Joseph Vessecchia Biography

Joseph Vessecchia

Joseph Vessecchia is a talented software salesman working throughout the United States. After establishing a successful career, Joseph has decided to focus on developing an online community to help others in the world of sales. By uniting like-minded people, Joseph hopes to develop innovative practices to maximize sales no matter the industry.

Growing up, Joseph and his family were heavily involved in the community. They attended church regularly, which Joseph credits with helping him develop the key qualities of a successful salesperson: confidence, patience, and dedication.

In 2014, Joseph graduated with a BA in Economics and launched his career in sales. He quickly realized he had a natural talent for selling and hasn’t looked back since. Throughout the last five years,¬†Joseph has worked in software sales in different capacities.

When he is not at work, Joseph can be found volunteering for various organizations and hosting weekly prayer groups. He is also working on developing blogs to help recent graduates enter the world of sales with confidence.

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