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With a well established career in software sales, Joseph Vessecchia is helping others develop and fine tune the necessary skills for success in the world of sales. On this page, you will find a collection of press features, ranging from interviews to blogs covering common sales questions. Have a question that isn’t covered in one of these features? Submit a contact form detailing your questions or concerns and Joseph will reply in his next blog post.

Here are some of the most notable trends in the MLB to look out for, according to Joseph Vessecchia.
The holiday season isn’t the only time of the year when you should give back to others. Summertime is the perfect time to get out of the house and do some good.
Most of the professional sports that you watch is already being driven by technology. As technology becomes a major part of people’s lives, it’ll change the way that you engage with your favorite sports.
Joseph Vessecchia knows all about volunteering. It’s become a big part of his life. He’s often seen hosting weekly prayer groups and volunteering at different charities.
While Major League Baseball has been breaking records in the past few years, it has also decreased in interest. Kids and young adults are no longer interested in playing or watching the game.
What’s the secret skill set needed for success in sales? If you ask anyone what kind of skills you need to succeed in sales, they’ll give you varying responses. The current skill set you possess may need some work as the industry continues to change and adapt.
Motivation is the key to a successful sales team. If you want to learn how to manage them effectively, then you need to study how to motivate them. While managing a sales team is difficult, it can be a breeze if you know what to look out for.
Having a successful sales team can translate to great success in your business. However, creating and building such a team can be overwhelming at first glance. You will need to ensure that you have quality products and services first to boost your sales team’s confidence when showcasing your brand.
Starting a successful business often depends almost entirely on one’s workforce. Just consider, for instance, what is the first things that prospective buyers will interact with.
Software companies, particularly SaaS companies, have historically faced numerous and unique challenges. Being aware of these challenges can help you learn how to overcome them.
The sales business is a packed and complicated one. There is no guaranteed formula for sales success. Some individuals land billion-dollar clients after a quick phone conversation. Others labor for months or years without the slightest benefit to their careers or their bottom lines.
Competition exists in every industry, with companies trying to win new business and generate more sales. But successful companies don’t shy away from competition, they embrace it.
Salespeople don’t just work in sales jobs; they are scattered across hundreds of industries — many that don’t even require selling. But, as career salesman Joseph Vessecchia will explain, these sales people are naturally good at the art of the sale…
If the term B2B sales keeps popping up but you aren’t sure what it exactly means, you’re in in luck. Joseph Vessecchia is here to explain what B2B sales are and to give an insider’s view of the industry.
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A career in sales is a great way to gain exposure into various industries and build on valuable skills. However, it can be incredibly overwhelming to start this career if you have no experience or connections.

Joseph Vessecchia

Stop treating old leads as garbage when many have a hidden potential to transform your numbers. Keep track of old leads with detailed notes and set calendar alerts to keep in touch.

Joseph Vessecchia

Cold calling used to be the most popular route for acquiring sales. Now, more and more businesses expect customers to find them via the internet. But cold calling isn’t dead- it’s still a valuable skill to master.

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Whether you’re a salesperson in a high or low-volume area, you need apps that help you stay on top of your leads and sales. Simplify your day by incorporating one of these five apps into your practice, so you can focus on what’s really important.

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Many of us receive hundreds of e-mails a day, most of which end up unread or land directly in our spam folders. Even the ones we do open are often ignored. So how are you going to stand out from the crowd of e-mails?

Joseph Vessecchia - Account Executive, Quickbase

Joseph Vessecchia was born and raised in Mount Kisco, NY. Having always wanted a career where he could use his interpersonal and communication skills, he began his sales career at the Hunts Point Produce Market

Joseph Vessecchia - Account Executive, Quickbase
As a fan of the technological influences on businesses, Joseph Vessecchia eventually transitioned into software sales after a recommendation lead him to a company called Oracle, where he would be selling database cloud technology.
Ever since Joseph Vessecchia could remember, he has loved the game of baseball. The first thing his father did when he was born was to put a ball in his hands. Rumor has it, and his mom is adamant, that the first word to come out of his mouth was “ball.”
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Joseph C. Vessecchia was born at Montefiore hospital in the Bronx, New York in 1991. After a few years of living in the city, he moved to Chappaqua, New York–about 45 minutes from Manhattan with his parents. He also has a little sister who he loves very dearly.